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Define a plain object mapping that has values needing to be normalized into Entities. Note: The same behavior can be defined with shorthand syntax: { ... }

  • definition: required A definition of the nested entities found within this object. Defaults to empty object. You do not need to define any keys in your object other than those that hold other entities. All other values will be copied to the normalized output.

Objects have statically known members. For unbounded Objects (arbitrary string keys), use schema.Values

Instance Methods

  • define(definition): When used, the definition passed in will be merged with the original definition passed to the Object constructor. This method tends to be useful for creating circular references in schema.


GET /users
class User extends Entity {
  id = '';
  name = '';
  pk() {
const getUsers = new RestEndpoint({
  path: '/users',
  schema: new schema.Object({ users: new schema.Array(User) }),
function UsersPage() {
  const { users } = useSuspense(getUsers);
  return (
      { => (
        <div key={}>{}</div>
render(<UsersPage />);
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