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Representational state transfer: HTTP based APIs

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v0.2 Controller.fetch, async getHeaders, Collections

· 5 min read
Nathaniel Tucker
Creator of Reactive Data Client

Collections enable Arrays and Objects to be easily extended by pushing or unshifting new members. The namesake comes from Backbone Collections.

Collections are now the default schema for Resource.getList.

import { useController } from '@data-client/react';
import { TodoResource } from './TodoResource';

export default function CreateTodo({ userId }: { userId: number }) {
  const ctrl = useController();
  const handleKeyDown = async e => {
    if (e.key === 'Enter') {
      ctrl.fetch(TodoResource.getList.push, {
        title: e.currentTarget.value,
        id: Math.random(),
      e.currentTarget.value = '';
  return (
    <div className="listItem nogap">
        <input type="checkbox" name="new" checked={false} disabled />
        <input type="text" onKeyDown={handleKeyDown} />
🔴 Live Preview

Upgrading is quite simple, as @data-client/rest/next and @data-client/react/next were introduced to allow incremental adoption of the new APIs changed in this release. This makes the actual upgrade a simple import rename.

Other highlights include

For all details, keep reading: